About us

Dentist Beyhan GÖK
Yenişehir Mersin

1964 Silifke born Dt. Beyhan GÖK graduated from Dicle University, Faculty of Dentistry in 1989. He has been practicing medicine in Mersin since 1989.
Dt. Beyhan Gök; with high awareness of the high quality of health care being passed on to scientific training and treating standards as a principle and continuously improving itself to provide mouth and dental health solutions to patients. It represents a sincere era in the understanding of oral dentistry.
It continues to add happiness to the lives of its patients with its contemporary aesthetic understanding and warm approach. It serves every sector of the society with the latest technological system and facilities in accordance with the standards in oral and dental health treatment.

City Unity College - Dentist Education Institute - LPCGF Methodology Education - 2013
DENTAL IMPLANT KA and Mersin University - Implantology Education -2013
Advanced Surgical Techniques Training -

ASU DENTAL IV.Kukurova Meeting
EHAD Aesthetic Dentistry Academy and Mersin Chamber of Dentists joint symposium - 2013
He participated in the Dentiimplant - Imptantology Course. 2015 - Adana