Painless Needle

We use an electronic anesthesia system which can be used with all types of anesthesia in our clinic.

Emergencies and Treatments

People often do not have enough information about how to get first aid for unexpected time, urgent problems in their teeth.

RVG (Radiovisiography)

In the dental imaging system RVG or Digital X-ray is the latest development in terms of the patient and the staff, namely the advantage that is provided from every angle.

Jaw Joint Problems and Bruxism

Jaw joint disease is more common in young and middle-aged patients. Discomfort is manifested by symptoms such as head, ear, jaw-facial aches, ringing in the ears, jaw jaw, limitation in mouth opening, pain or slips.

Apical Resection

Dental Aperture: Allows the rotten bacterium to infect the tooths nerve. The infection spreads to the root and the peripheral bones. It is called abse.