General Dentistry

    One of the most important problems that threaten oral and dental health is known as tooth decay.
  • Publishing :02.03.2017 14:12:39
    Update : 01.01.2018 17:26:41
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The tooth decay, which causes bad odor in the mouth and causes pain in the mouth, directly affects the quality of life of the person. For this reason, the problem of tooth decay is within the problems to be solved in the shortest time. After regular treatment sessions, people can get old dental health, consume the foods comfortably and smile comfortably.

Teeth are arranged in line with each other and with the soft tissues surrounding them. The basic elements of a good laugh are the teeth, so having comprehensive knowledge of their dental shape and anatomical features is the foundation of all treatments. The inner and outer edges of the facial contours should be examined to gain more insight into how well-designed laughter should be.