Tooth implant is now the most effective solution

"All On 4" is a technique applied to patients who can not use a prosthesis because of excessive bone loss and the patient can get temporary prosthesis within a day.

Who is Implantable?

Business health is very important. Think about your daily routine. Eating, communicating with other people, drinking something ...

Never wet the toothbrush

He gave information about what to watch out for when using a toothbrush.

How should the right tooth brushing technique be?

The most effective way to protect our teeth is to brush regularly. Toothbrushing process should last 2 minutes on average, brushing 8-10 times on each tooth.

Not having a bad breath nightmare

Dental Physician Dt.Harbalioğlu relates to the odor that puts a person in a very difficult situation, Oral odor is a discomfort that many people live in and try to find a solution to, and it disturbs both you and your friends in the environment you are in.