Be careful of your toothache starting at night!

    Be careful about dental pain that starts at night.
  • Publishing :20.01.2017 21:41:37
    Update : 01.01.2018 18:58:32
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When the tooth decay progresses, the nerve-vein package inside the tooth can be affected and the pain may develop over time. In some cases, teeth may lose their vitality due to gum disease or trauma. In such cases, channel treatment may be required to allow the teeth to be used in the mouth without an infection center. First, the cause of the pain should be determined. Pain, rottenness, pressure caused by food stuck between two teeth can be caused by many causes such as gingival diseases, dental cracks, root surface exposed by gum removal, erosion in the jungle, and even sinusitis. However, the most common cause of dental pain is inadequate oral hygiene. There is no nerve in the jaw that is the outermost layer of the tooth. For this reason, we are not disturbed by external stimuli, but as we move toward the inner tissues, the sensation increases. A large number of microorganisms causing decay can reach the nerves within the tooth along with the progress of decay. At the beginning, the lighter aches become more and more intense as the caries progress. Pain can occur in different forms. Severe and long-lasting pain, cold or hot pain during chewing, or spontaneous and long-lasting pain may develop in response to cold and hot stimuli.

This inflammatory condition, which is caused by a severe toothache beginning at night, causes a rotten tooth to develop at an advanced stage, which can lead to pressure build-up in the nerve-vein package within the tooth and severe painful pulsating wake, especially at night. It should not be expected that the toothaches will spontaneously pass. Carnations, garlic, alcohol, aspirin, etc. methods do not work, and even damage the teeth and surrounding tissues are not recommended. If the pain is caused by tooth decay and the caries has progressed to the nerve of the tooth, or if the tooth nerve has lost its vitality (trauma, tooth fracture, etc.), these teeth can be treated with 'canal treatment'. If no treatment is given, infection can cause swelling, abscesses can occur. As a result, it may be necessary to remove the tooth if it is not treated.