Rotten teeth trigger heart attack

    Careless teeth trigger various diseases from heart attack to paralysis ...
  • Publishing :30.11.-0001 00:00:00
    Update : 01.01.2018 19:02:56
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People with gum disease often have bad health habits, drawing attention to bacterials that play a role in tooth and heart health. Smoking and alcohol use, poor nutrition habits and inactivity are the strongest triggers of heart disease. In addition, many people with gum disease have diabetes. This is another strong risk factor for heart disease.

Stating that intraoral infections may spread through the circulatory system, Ayan emphasized that simple disorders can lead to serious problems such as heart attacks and chronic inflammations that can lead to illness. Inflammation of the gums, redness in the gums, swelling, bleeding during the cleaning of the mouth and teeth, and white stains on the gums. We start with the removal of plaque and tooth stone on the teeth.

If the person cooperates with us in this period, it will be easier to remove the bacteria that cause inflammation in the teeth. Regarding oral and dental health, it is of great importance to continue dental control regularly starting from infancy and continuing at least twice a year. However, serious dental and gingival diseases can be diagnosed at an early stage. Oral care ...