Stem Cell + CGF Method

    By injecting "growth factors and stem cells" from your own blood, you stay young and have a healthier look.
  • Publishing :02.03.2017 13:58:41
    Update : 01.01.2018 15:56:25
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Do you know why some people are not old?
They all stay young and have a healthier appearance by injecting "growth factors and stem cells" all from their own blood. There is no foreign substance. By filling young cells, rather than filling them up with Botox or Filling Ingredients, the youth is achieved by ensuring their multiplication. The rejuvenating effect obtained is not concentrated only in certain areas, such as the effects of filling and similar applications, but it is spread out over a larger area and is more permanent. The positive results achieved with other methods continue for a certain period of time, but the positive results obtained with LPCGF are entirely up to you. It will not disappear.

LPCGF - Liquid injectable growth factors & stem cell method
* A Healthy & Lively skin
* Under-eye bruises are effective when opening skin color.
* Acne scars and sun spots are effective.
* The lines disappear with rejuvenation. 10 years go back.
* Stop hair loss and support new hair growth.
* It is an effective method for hair growth in places born from hair loss.
* Cellulite, cracks, sagging in the arm is effective in recovering the skin.

How to obtain LPCGF?
In the LPCGF method, the blood taken from the patient is placed on the MEDIFUGE tube without any chemicals and injected without using any kit. It has more GF (growth factor). Triggering the root cells allows young cells to multiply. As a result, health tourism is very diverse and includes many reasons. The main reason is a kind of tourism which is made in order to regain health in a different country with better possibilities and it is a rapidly rising sector.

Effective Method in Dental Surgery, Bone Formation and Implant Treatment
Thanks to Growth Factors (GF) and Stem Cells, many treatments are being used to prevent hair color loss by preventing color differences in the skin. For example, when people who start to get their hair started doing this practice, the vascularity of the hair grows and new hair can come out as the spillage is prevented. In the skin, it is effective in the repair of stains, lines, skin loosening and cellulite treatment. It is mostly used in decollete, neck and face but it is very effective even on the hand, in the corners and even in the legs. LPCGF is not only aesthetic; has been used in the field of orthopedics and traumatology for a long time as it accelerates the healing of wounds, fractures, and tissue repair. In addition, dentists use this method in bone formation, tooth extraction, and implant treatment. Now, all over the world, there is the fashion of making aesthetic by injecting your own blood into your face. Reason; it is completely natural. It is known that some of the Hollywood stars who wanted to look more natural gave up Botox and made this method.

Necessary Information for LPCGF Application
* Application is made 3 times for 1 month.
* LPCGF - When we start to use the youth method in our opinion from the age of 30,
the skin is fixed at these ages and there is no need for any filler in the years to come.
* If it is deemed necessary after 1 year, a tug is made.
* In patients with insufficient numbers of platelets, this is not done in cancer patients.
* LPCGF - young people in our opinion become active thanks to our youth.
* Since there is no chemical substance, it does not cause allergies.

Application Begins with Blood Collection
The application starts with blood intake. Special GF and Root cells are passed through the centrifuge, which has a distinguishing feature, and are withdrawn with injectors. The application area is numbing with special creams.
31 g is injected into the entire face with 4 mm short needles. Even these micro traumas increase the production of fiber collagen, which allows our stem cells, which are our repair plants, to move and provide elasticity in the skin. The process takes an hour. In general, the practice begins with the decollete, then the neck and face. Even if the patient comes out with a light pink, he is not in the operative, and the next day he does not have anything. Practices are usually done in a row, three or four sessions being held within a month. Without needing aesthetic intervention, your own blood and your body's natural structure is getting perfect with giving you back to you as a youth.